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Deluxkozijnen offers Passive 106 for passive houses. In homes where the facades and the glass are very well insulated, the frame acts as a heat leak. Passive frame 106 is a system of energy-saving frames.

Characterized by an incredible thermal insulation, while maintaining the highest quality and aesthetic values. Passive 106 mm is characterized by a high permeability of solar energy and daylight, which reduces heating costs.The heat transfer coefficient of the passive line reaches a value of U = 0.5 W / m2K.


  • We supply our window frames with high-quality swivel-tiltsystems from the Siegenia brand. This increases comfort, because the frame has three positions; turn, tilt and ventilation position. These can be opened with hoppe handles.
  • The frame with dimensions of 67 wide, 106 thick and the wing of 106 mm Dark red meranti. The frame is fitted as standard with HR +++ glass (44 mm thick, with a U = 0.5) and delivered neatly sealed.
  • The triple-crack seal (TPE) ensures a perfect seal. For rod distribution we use wienersprons pane distribution to maintain authenticity and good provide heat insulation.
  • The standard finish is also twice grounded and painted twice in the range of your choice.

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